MarkStudio - I design amazing Web sites, Print, Corporate Identities, Logos and iPhone Applications. Generated rss-feed from MarkStudio - I design amazing Web sites, Print, Corporate Identities, Logos and iPhone Applications. ( 199 Bongo <img src="user/uploads/199-bongo/199bongo_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/199-bongo/199bongo_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/199-bongo/199bongo_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/199-bongo/199bongo_thumb.jpg" /> 199 Bongo appointed MarkStudio to freshen up their identity and promotional cards. MarkStudio came up with a new cheeky version of the Bongo monkey and some fresh looking promotional cards with tear off part that customers can keep in their wallets. Feetures Australia <img src="user/uploads/feetures-australia/feetures1_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/feetures-australia/feetures1_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/feetures-australia/feetures1_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/feetures-australia/feetures1_image4.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/feetures-australia/feetures1_image5.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/feetures-australia/feetures1_image6.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/feetures-australia/feetures1_image7.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/feetures-australia/feetures_thumb.jpg" /> Feetures! is a consumer-driven brand that develops and markets performance socks to active people all over the world. They launched their new office in Australia and MarkStudio was appointed to create their new web site and promotional materials. The BordererS <img src="user/uploads/the-borderers/borderers_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/the-borderers/borderers_image2-1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/the-borderers/borderers_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/the-borderers/borderers_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/the-borderers/borderers_thumb.jpg" /> The BordererS, multi-award winning Scottish / Irish / Australian band was formed in 1994 and have released 8 albums, 4 EP's, 2 kids albums and been included on 31 compilation albums all around the world. MarkStudio completely revamped their old website to offer something fresh, eye-catching and most importantly something that reflects the band's culture. Traffic to the website has tripled within the first month which led to increased sales. All in all, the website has been great success. Robe Tourism <img src="user/uploads/robe-tourism/robesa_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/robe-tourism/robesa_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/robe-tourism/robesa_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/robe-tourism/robesa_image4.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/robe-tourism/robesa_image5.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/robe-tourism/robesa_thumb.jpg" /> MarkStudio was appointed to completely re-design and re-structure the old website for Robe SA Tourism. This is what we came up with. The website is fully managed by custom Content Management System. We chose to use Wordpress as a main tool and customize the administration area to meet the needs of Robe SA Tourism staff. There will be some more work done in the future, such as online booking system to allow visitors to book their accommodation without leaving the website. Computer Fella <img src="user/uploads/computer-fella/computerfella1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/computer-fella/computerfella2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/computer-fella/computerfella3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/computer-fella/computerfella4.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/computer-fella/computerfella_thumb.jpg" /> New identity, stationery and a website for a Computer Fella. More images and information coming soon... Genesis Vineyard <img src="user/uploads/genesis-vineyard/genesis.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/genesis-vineyard/genesis1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/genesis-vineyard/genesis2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/genesis-vineyard/genesis_thumb.jpg" /> A new identity and website design for Genesis Vineyard & Farmhouse Accommodation. Genesis Vineyard is a luxury farmhouse accommodation in the heart of Hunter Valley, NSW. More images coming soon. Woodsoak Wines <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak4.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak5.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak6.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak7.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak8.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak9.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak99.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak999.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/woodsoak-wines/woodsoak_thumb.jpg" /> Brand new website and photography for my friends at Woodsoak Wines. The winery has been in the family for 60 years & is located in the picturesque Robe Region of South Australia. Auty Property Group <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_image4.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_image5.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_image6.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_image7.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_image8.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_image9.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/auty-property-group/auty-property_thumb.jpg" /> Auty Property Group has been a client of ours right from the beginning. The company approached MarkStudio as a startup. APG needed a strong and contemporary identity that would reflect the company's culture and stand out in the crowded commercial property market of Melbourne CBD. MarkStudio created their Logo, Stationery, Brochures, Flyers, Website and also car wraps for their promo cars. UGGstralia <img src="user/uploads/uggstralia/uggstralia1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/uggstralia/uggstralia_thumb.jpg" /> A new 'UGG' boot retailer in town. They call themselves UGGstralia and have appointed MarkStudio to come up with their new identity and e-commerce store. There is more to come soon. Stay tuned. Aussie Farmers Direct <img src="user/uploads/aussie-farmers-direct/aussie-farmers_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/aussie-farmers-direct/aussie-farmers_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/aussie-farmers-direct/aussie-farmers_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/aussie-farmers-direct/aussie-farmers_thumb.jpg" /> Aussie Farmers Direct is one of the fastest growing companies in Australia. MarkStudio worked with the AFD from the early stages making sure their marketing materials were of the highest quality. Our work included Web Design & Development, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Stationery, Sign up forms, Billboards, Marquee Design for shows, Magazine Ads, and also all their booklets and franchisee manuals. The work we produced for Aussie Farmers Direct has greatly contributed to their overall success. Elk Horn Road House <img src="user/uploads/elk-horn-road-house/elkhorn1_thumb.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/elk-horn-road-house/elkhorn_image0.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/elk-horn-road-house/elkhorn_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/elk-horn-road-house/elkhorn_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/elk-horn-road-house/elkhorn_image3.jpg" /> The Elk Horn Road House was a tin shed in the middle of a horse paddock when friends Terri Bitton and Julie Taylor took on the lease. MarkStudio was appointed to come up with their identity, stationery and a web site. BHW Accounting <img src="user/uploads/bhw-accounting/bhw1_thumb.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/bhw-accounting/bhw_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/bhw-accounting/bhw_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/bhw-accounting/bhw_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/bhw-accounting/bhw_image4.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/bhw-accounting/bhw_image5.jpg" /> BHW Accounting is a top notch accounting firm based in New Zealand. BHW noticed that while being one of the most sought after accounting firms their online presence didn't reflect their company culture. MarkStudio was appointed by brownpaperbag to revamp their website into something fresh and contemporary with bit of a cheeky side to it. Their main goal was to create a website that would mirror their company values. The website has been a huge success. WIT Group <img src="user/uploads/wit-group/wit-group_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/wit-group/wit-group_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/wit-group/wit-group_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/wit-group/wit-group_thumb.jpg" /> WIT Group is a specialist marketing company providing a range of property solutions for investors, while applying tax effective strategies. MarkStudio has been responsible for their online presence as well as all the print materials and signage design. Uniq Finance <img src="user/uploads/uniq-finance/uniq_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/uniq-finance/uniq_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/uniq-finance/uniq_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/uniq-finance/uniq_thumb.jpg" /> MarkStudio was appointed by Uniq Finance, a Melbourne based Loan Broker to refresh and fine tune their new identity. We also took care of all the stationery designs and printing to make sure the results were of the highest quality. KPW Solutions <img src="user/uploads/kpw-solutions/kpw-solutions_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/kpw-solutions/kpw-solutions_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/kpw-solutions/kpw-solutions_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/kpw-solutions/kpw-solutions_thumb.jpg" /> KPW Solutions is a small company with a great product line. They needed someone to come up with a website that would present their products and services in a professional way. MarkStudio was chosen to create their new website and identity. More images and the new logo is coming soon. Grafton Consulting <img src="user/uploads/grafton-consulting/grafton1_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/grafton-consulting/grafton_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/grafton-consulting/grafton_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/grafton-consulting/grafton_thumb.jpg" /> A web design pitch for Grafton Consulting. Work done for BrownPaperBag. CommQuest Ltd. <img src="user/uploads/commquest-ltd-/commquest_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/commquest-ltd-/commquest_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/commquest-ltd-/commquest_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/commquest-ltd-/commquest_image4.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/commquest-ltd-/commquest_image5.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/commquest-ltd-/commquest_thumb.jpg" /> New identity for a publicly listed marketing giant CommQuest Ltd. MarkStudio was responsible for new identity, print materials and a web site design. JouJee Apparel <img src="user/uploads/joujee-apparel/joujee_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/joujee-apparel/joujee_thumb.jpg" /> A new identity pitch for JouJee, Infant / Toddler apparel brand based in US. Training Power <img src="user/uploads/training-power/training-power_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/training-power/training-power_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/training-power/training-power_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/training-power/training-power_image4.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/training-power/training-power_thumb.jpg" /> Training Power is an independent computer company supplying consultancy, hardware and software, networking systems, web site design, internet access, and technical and on-site support to business throughout metropolitan Melbourne. Training Power has appointed MarkStudio to re-design their current website. Boutique Locums <img src="user/uploads/boutique-locums/boutique-locums_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/boutique-locums/boutique-locums_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/boutique-locums/boutique-locums_thumb.jpg" /> Boutique Locums, a "doctor placing" agency based in Melbourne, Australia has appointed Mark Studio to come up with their new identity. Boutique Locums looks for and places doctors to where they needed the most. Bodywall <img src="user/uploads/bodywall/bodywall_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/bodywall/bodywall_thumb.jpg" /> Bodywall is a New Zealand designed and manufactured fitness system with patent protection in 109 countries. MarkStudio was responsible for a re-design of their landing page. The main goal was to direct as many people as possible to sign up for a trial program or enquire about franchise opportunities. Wehl's Mount Benson <img src="user/uploads/wehl-s-mount-benson/wehls-mt_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/wehl-s-mount-benson/wehls-mt_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/wehl-s-mount-benson/wehls-mt_thumb.jpg" /> Wehl's Mount Benson, a 4 star winery based in Limestone Coast region in South Australia has appointed MarkStudio to create their new DL brochures. Dish Network <img src="user/uploads/dish-network/dish_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/dish-network/dish_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/dish-network/dish_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/dish-network/dish_image4.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/dish-network/dish_thumb.jpg" /> New identity pitch for one of the biggest satellite television providers in US. Lewis Builders <img src="user/uploads/lewis-builders/lewis-builders_image0.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/lewis-builders/lewis-builders_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/lewis-builders/lewis-builders_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/lewis-builders/lewis-builders_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/lewis-builders/lewis-builders_thumb.jpg" /> CM&KM Lewis Builder is a family-run business based in Kingston SE, South Australia. They have been around for over 13 years. MarkStudio was appointed to come up with their new website. One of the main goals was to push the Lewis Builders search ranking to the first page of search results when potential customers look for builders in Limestone Coast. The result has been outstanding, Lewis Builders now comes up first in search results. One TV <img src="user/uploads/one-tv/tvone_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/one-tv/tvone_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/one-tv/tvone_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/one-tv/tvone_thumb.jpg" /> TV One is a new cable/satellite television network, programming primarily to African American adults. This is a submission MarkStudio came up with for their new identity. Foxtel Digital <img src="user/uploads/foxtel-digital/foxtel_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/foxtel-digital/foxtel_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/foxtel-digital/foxtel_thumb.jpg" /> MarkStudio was appointed to create a promotional poster to inform people that Foxtel Digital's representatives were coming to the area. Fatzoo World Series <img src="user/uploads/fatzoo-world-series/fatzoo_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/fatzoo-world-series/fatzoo_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/fatzoo-world-series/fatzoo_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/fatzoo-world-series/fatzoo_thumb.jpg" /> Fatzoo World Series RPS, is the world's first online tournament site for the lovers of Rock, Paper, Scissors. MarkStudio was responsible for their Identity, Web Design & Development, Game Design & Development, Promotional Materials and iPhone™ Game Design & Development. The project has been great success, signing up more than 1500 in the first couple of weeks. Peconic Partners <img src="user/uploads/peconic-partners/peconic_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/peconic-partners/peconic_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/peconic-partners/peconic_thumb.jpg" /> Peconic Partners, LLC is a registered investment advisor managing over $850 million in proprietary and client capital though long/short equity hedge fund strategies. This is our submission for their new logo. iChurchPro CMS <img src="user/uploads/ichurchpro-cms/iChurchPro_image11.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/ichurchpro-cms/iChurchPro_image22.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/ichurchpro-cms/iChurchPro_thumb.jpg" /> An identity pitch for a new Application developed by brownpaperbag, a digital agency based in New Zealand. Total Mobile Solutions <img src="user/uploads/total-mobile-solutions/total-mobile_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/total-mobile-solutions/total-mobile_thumb.jpg" /> MarkStudio was appointed by Smart Sales & Marketing to come put with an identity for one of their new companies, Total Mobile Solutions. Service Spot <img src="user/uploads/service-spot/servicespot_image1.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/service-spot/servicespot_image2.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/service-spot/servicespot_image3.jpg" /> <img src="user/uploads/service-spot/servicespot_thumb.jpg" /> MarkStudio was responsible for brochure design, flyers, stationery, desk stands, stickers, web design and presentation folders.